National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited

A Joint Venture of Government of India and Participating State Governments for Implementing High Speed Rail Projects

Active Vacancy/Notice

Sr. No. Vacancy Code Vacancy Title Opening Date View Details
1 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice- 41/2017 CPM- Surat 24-11-2017 View
2 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-52/2017 Senior Manager or Manager- Rolling Stock 24-11-2017 View
3 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-51/2017 Senior Manager or Manager- Finance 24-11-2017 View
4 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-50/2017 Manager- Design 24-11-2017 View
5 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-49/2017 Manager- Corporate Affairs 24-11-2017 View
6 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-48/2017 Joint General Manager or Deputy General Manager- Finance 24-11-2017 View
7 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-47/2017 General Manager or Additional General Manager- Finance 24-11-2017 View
8 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-46/2017 Manager- OHE/ PS & TL 24-11-2017 View
9 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-45/2017 Senior Manager- Track (from Railways) 24-11-2017 View
10 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice- 44/2017 Principal 24-11-2017 View
11 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-43/2017 Dy Chief Project Manager- Power Supply and Transmission Line/OHE 24-11-2017 View
12 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice- 42/2017 Dy Chief Project Manager- Civil 24-11-2017 View
13 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice- 40/2017 CAD Designer 24-11-2017 View
14 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice- 39/2017 Manager- Civil 24-11-2017 View
15 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-38/2017 Deputy General Manager- Architecture 24-11-2017 View
16 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-37/2017 Senior Manager- S&T (from Railways) 22-11-2017 View
17 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-36/2017 Manager- S&T 22-11-2017 View
18 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-35/2017 Deputy CPM- S&T 22-11-2017 View
19 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-34/2017 Public Relation Officer 22-11-2017 View
20 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-33/2017 Manager QA QC 22-11-2017 View


NHSRCL is implementing the project of high speed train corridor between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.The total length of proposed High Speed Railway Corridor works out to be 508.17 km.

The route of Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail will be passing through two states, Maharashtra and Gujarat and one Union Territory, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, of the Union of India Read More


National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL)
SEC-09, DWARKA, New Delhi -110077



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