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NHSRCL Signs First Agreement for Design, Supply and Construction of Track and Track related works for Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor. The contract will boost the ‘Make in India initiative’ and ‘Transfer of Technology’

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National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited signed an agreement today, with M/s IRCON International Limited for design, supply and construction of track and track related works for Double Line High Speed Railway (237 Km between Vadodara and Vapi in the state of Gujarat) for Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor (MAHSR T-2 Package).

The ballast-less slab Track system as used in Japanese HSR (Shinkansen) will be used on India’s first HSR project (MAHSR). Japan Railway Track Consultant Co. Limited (JRTC) has provided the detailed design and drawing of major HSR track components like RC Track bed, Track slab arrangement and continuous welded rail (CWR) forces etc. for the contract.

The contract will boost the “Make in India initiative” as an Indian company M/s IRCON International Limited has been awarded the contract.

The agreement signing ceremony was attended by Managing Director, NHSRCL Shri Satish Agnihotri along with other directors, Shri MIYAMOTO Shingo Minister (Economic &Development), Embassy of Japan in India, Shri SAITO Mitsunori, Chief Representative, JICA (India Office). Shri Yogesh Kumar Mishra, Managing Director, IRCON International Limited along with other senior officers from NHSRCL, IRCON, JICC, JRTC and JARTS.

Speaking on the occasion, Shi Satish Agnihotri, Managing Director, NHSRCL said “We have received support from JICA in a very effective manner. I appreciate the technical support extended by JICC, JARTS and JRTC for MAHSR project.”

Minister Economic and Development, Embassy of Japan in India, Shri MIYAMOTO Shingo called Mumbai-Ahmedabad High speed Rail project as the biggest and most brightly shining example of cooperation between India and Japan. “Under this contract Indian contractors will receive transfer of Japanese Shinkansen technology which will give a big boost to Make in India initiative.” he further added.

Shri SAITO Mitsunori, Chief Representative, JICA India said “The Track works is a crucial part of railway safety and comfortable ride in Shinkansen technology. Track work contract will offer a unique opportunity for Indian companies to work with Japanese agencies who have expertise in Shinkansen technology.”

Shri Rajendra Prasad, Director Project, NHSRCL said “The Shinkansen technology has unpanelled record of safety and track plays a very important role in the safety of train running. It is an excellent example of transfer of technology, as Japanese experts will come to India to provide training to Indian supervisors and workers involved in Track work”.

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