National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited

A Joint Venture of Government of India and Participating State Governments for Implementing High Speed Rail Projects


Sr. No. Vacancy Code Vacancy Title View Result Details
1 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-45/2017 Senior Manager- Track (from Railways) View
2 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-49/2017 Manager- Corporate Affairs View
3 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-47/2017 General Manager or Additional General Manager- Finance View
4 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice- 44/2017 Principal View
5 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice- 41/2017 CPM- Surat View
6 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice- 40/2017 CAD Designer View
7 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-34/2017 Public Relation Officer View
8 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-26/2017 Senior Manager (Construction/ Civil) View
9 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-02/2017 Manager- Contract View
10 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-18/2017 Manager- Civil View
11 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-01/2017 Assistant Manager- Administration View
12 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-32/2017 Dy Chief Project Manager (System) or Deputy General Manager (System) View
13 No. NHSRCL/Vacancy Notice-31/2017 Senior Manager (Finance) or Manager (Finance) View
14 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-07/2017 Dy. CPM- Civil View
15 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-17/2017 Manager- S&T Project View
16 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-16/2017 Manager- Signal Design View
17 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-12/2017 Joint General Manager- Electrical View
18 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-14/2017 Joint General Manager- S&T Project View
19 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-05/2017 Deputy General Manager- Finance View
20 No. NHSRCL/ Vacancy Notice-03/2017 Chief Architect View


National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL)
SEC-09, DWARKA, New Delhi -110077


NHSRCL Location Map