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Nukkad Natak series- ‘Prayas’ to ensure safety of workers at Bullet Train Project Construction Sites

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As part of awareness campaign to ensure safety of workforce at construction sites of Mumbai- Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project, Nukkad Natak (street play) named ‘Prayas’ at 100 different work spots along the entire corridor is planned to be staged. The first play is staged today at Mumbai Bullet Train station site. 

This initiative aims to raise awareness and educate workers about the importance of safety at construction sites in an engaging manner. The performances are designed to cover key safety topics such as proper use of equipment, adherence to safety guidelines, emergency response procedures and the importance of maintaining a safe work environment.

Ensuring that the performances are accessible to workers deployed from different parts of the country like UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Gujarat, and having diverse linguistic backgrounds, the language of the street plays is kept simple and easy to understand.

Drama, humor, and relatable scenarios are incorporated in the street plays, to capture the attention of workers and to effectively communicate safety messages.

The campaign shall continue for the next six (06) months, all along the Bullet Train corridor covering casting yards, tunnel shafts, under construction stations, depots, bridges and viaducts.

"Every day, over 30,000 to 40,000 skilled and unskilled workers contribute to our construction sites. Our top priority is enhancing the well-being and safety of these workers involved in the Bullet Train Project. Through this campaign, we aim to instil the importance of safety among the workforce." Said, Shri Vivek Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, NHSRCL.

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