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HSR Innovation Center Logo

HSR Innovation Center Logo


Logo Brief

High-Speed Railways Innovation Centre Trust

The human brain is the warehouse for ideation and innovation. Advanced technology accompanied by the consciousness for environment-friendly solutions lay the foundation for a better future.

The logo is a symbolic representation of the mission of the HSR Innovation Centre; that includes sustainability represented by the green elements and technological capabilities represented by the human brain. Further, the concept, innovation and ideation have been symbolized by an abstract bulb inside a human mind to portray the ideas brewing. This idea has been put together with high-speed rail logo (NHSRCL) to put forward a hope for a better future inspired by innovation. The colour scheme predominantly has the colour grey which depicts the balance between advanced technologies (the root of the entire project) and sustainability and environment-friendly approach (represented by the colour green) and the negative space of the logo is used for abstract indications of the bulb and train.