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नेशनल हाई स्पीड रेल कॉर्पोरेशन लिमिटेड

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Safety Features

Crash avoidance through DS-ATC

Japanese shinkansen technology is known for its impressive safety records in more than fifty-five years of its operations. There were no train accidents because of technological failure. Same technology will be used on our Mumbai Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor. System will be fitted with most advanced crash avoidance system, automatic brake application in case of over speeding etc.

Early earthquake detection system

High speed rail will pass through some of the vulnerable Seismic Zone (Kutch, Koyna-Warna region and Latur-Osmanabad). This is the main reason that high speed rail corridor will be equipped with early earthquake detection system. This system will enable automatic power shutdown when primary waves emerging from an earthquake epicenter is sensed. Trains will have power failure detection device which will evoke emergency brake when the power shutdown is detected in such case. This system as a whole will enable safety of all passengers and the critical infrastructure involving high speed corridor.

Continuous rail temperature monitoring, wind monitoring

High speed rail will be fitted with a network of sensors monitoring rail track temperature, rain monitoring (with special sensors in heavy rainfall prone areas) and anemometers for wind monitoring. Crosswind speed above 30 m/s will send an alarm signal to operational control center in Sabarmati, so that train can be stopped.

Advanced driver support system

Driving unit of bullet train will be equipped with a number of display units, communication equipment and other tools. This will help driver in taking prompt decisions based on sufficient information and in coordination with operational control center.