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HSR Innovation Center


To undertake research, development in relevant fields of High-Speed Rail technology by leveraging Indian technical capabilities so as to contribute to rail transportation, happier society and self-reliant nation through development of indigenous capabilities & cost-effective solutions.


Six missions are:

i. To undertake targeted, applied collaborative research to solve issues raised by rail industry participants or other entities so as to enhance railway safety, reliability, productivity, efficiency & sustainability ensuring customer satisfaction.
ii. To leverage Indian technical capabilities and develop indigenous capabilities in relevant fields of High Speed Railway, including ancillarisation.
iii. To develop necessary testing infrastructure & expertise to assess and validate indigenous solutions and use the best science available in an ethical way.
iv. To develop professional expertise in all aspects of High Speed Railways so as to provide innovative, indigenous, cost effective solutions, technological guidance, strategic analysis, advice to the Indian Rail transportation Industry on significant challenges and opportunities today and in the future.
v. To contribute to development of HSR specific standards in India.
vi. To promote transgenerational environmental equity and provide eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Identified Research Projects

S. No. Name of the Project Brief Description
(i) Application Software based systems for automatic yard movement in future HSR and other similar applications. Software based modular, flexible system to control and provide automatic efficient, systematic, and safe movement of trains in the yard for best utilization of available rakes, crew and depot maintenance facilities.
(ii) Development of Indigenous simulation model for design validation of Power Supply, OHE. To develop Indigenous simulation software models enabling techno-economic study of substation spacing and sizing, OHE geometry & design under Indian ambient conditions using indigenous software skills through collaboration of Railway domain experts, academia personal, software experts etc. for future HSR, Metro, Railway projects.
(iii) Design of Reinforced Earth (RE) Retaining wall & RE Abutments for HSR and Railway applications. Developing Reinforced Earth Retaining wall & Reinforced Earth Abutments design methods and specifications to suit Indian conditions and based on available reinforcement materials in India.
(iv) Optimization of HSR Viaduct design Finalisation of Viaduct design parameters and preparation of guidelines for HSR in India.
(v) To study fire safety and fire retardant materials for HSR applications To study and analyse the fire related properties of materials associated with High Speed Rail Applications.
(vi) Detailed Study on Cement Asphalt Mortar (CAM) for High Speed Railway Track To develop CA Mortar as used in Japanese High Speed Railway (Shinkansen) for Indian environmental conditions based on available Indian chemicals and other materials.


Organization Chart of HSR Innovation Centre