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Noise Barriers on the MAHSR Viaduct to Mitigate Noise

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On either side of the Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail corridor viaduct, noise barriers are being erected to mitigate the noise which will be generated by the train and the civil structure during operations.

Based on the Shinkansen technology, the noise barriers are concrete panels of 2 metre height from the rail level and 1 metre wide. These panels are being erected on either side of the viaduct.

These noise barriers will reflect and distribute the aerodynamic sound generated by the train and sound which will be generated by the lower part of the train, primarily by the wheels running on the tracks.

Noise barriers are designed in such a way that they will not obstruct the view for the passengers enjoying the train ride.

The viaduct passing through the residential and urban areas will have higher/taller noise barriers of 3 metre. In addition to the 2 metre concrete panel, the additional 1 metre noise barrier will be of ‘Polycarbonate’ and translucent in nature.

However, the double-skin aluminium alloy body of the train will minimizes the noise level inside the train.

The long and sharp nose of the high speed train will reduce the aerodynamic drag, which also reduces the blasting sound which is generated due to micro pressure waves created while the high-speed train exits a tunnel.

More than 465 km of the 508 km long MAHSR alignment is elevated (on viaduct).

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